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My child is not learning in a traditional classroom. Does my child need alternative setting?

In most cases. if a child his having issues learning in a traditional classroom an alternative setting would be more appropriate for greater outcomes.


Why should you choose MUA? You should choose MUA for:

  • smaller class sizes

  • more one on one attention

  • slower moving pacing guide for student performance


MUA is a private school designed to fit the needs of low income and students with disabilities.

How are we different?

  • We use textbooks for instruction.

  • We teach students the old fashioned way with textbooks, pencils and paper.

  • We modify and coordinate assignments to meet the needs of our students while fulfilling our curriculum requirements. 


My child has an IEP and is being placed in grades without having the right grade level skills. How can MUA help me?

At MUA we follow IEP goals. We understand the need of the students with special needs. We can help by :

  • assignment modifications

  • one on one attention

  • focusing on the academic deficiencies to strengthen their skill set  

My child has been suspended from school multiple times this year. I am considering transferring my child to another school. What can MUA offer to hel my child's behavior?

At MUA we address the root problem with the child. In most cases, the teacher or administration do not know the child enough to address the underlining issue. We can help by :

  • building a relationship with each student

    • ​learning their triggers​​

    • likes and dislikes

    • understanding their thoughts

  • social skills training

  • therapy

  • building self esteem 

...a staff that cares

My child is in high school and is not earning credits by being in the classroom. What do I do? Can MUA help me?

Yes. MUA can help. At MUA we have two graduation tracks for students. 



  • Open to ALL high school students in NC

  • We require 20 credits to graduate

  • Students can GRADUATE with a DIPLOMA in 2.5 years

  • Modified assignments for students with ieps

  • All classes online accessible on any device

  • 8 week courses

  • Assignments due weekly

  • Curriculum meets requirements for colleges

On Campus


  • Students can GRADUATE with a DIPLOMA in 2.5 years

  • We require 20 credits to graduate

  • Modified assignments for students with IEPs

  • 8 week courses

  • One on one

  • Curriculum meets requirements for colleges

I want to sent my child to MUA. So how do I apply to MUA?

  • Go to

  • click on the apply now button.

  • Complete the online forms and

  • complete the contact us box below.


Thanks for submitting!

I want to sent my child to MUA. So how do I pay for the tuition?

MUA is a private school. Parents can apply for the


  • Opportunity scholarship,

  • Disability scholarship and the

  • Educational Savings Account.


The Disability and Educational Savings Account is exclusively for students with IEPs. Applications are open from February 1 to June 1 each school year. Parents have no out of pocket expense.

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