The K-12 program is designed to take students who are one or multiple grade levels behind and provide interventions to help these students reach grade level in English/Reading, Math and Writing. 
Students who have experienced behavior problems in  other educational environments would benefit from enrolling at Mitchener University Academy. We provide the following:
  • Social skills training 
  • Small class size

The therapeutic social skills provided are psycho-educational in nature that focuses on the psychological and social issues in individuals. As it is important for students to be sociable in the school environment, it is also important for students to understand how to socialize in a respectful and positive way. Ensuring students learn how to communicate their feelings and thoughts, will help all students learn how to cope with their challenges they face  


MUA now offers high school students 5 week classes. These classes are on a rolling schedule. Once a 5 week course has been completed, the student can immediately start a new 5 week course. 

Group Bonding