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Mitchener University Academy is a private non-public educational institution offering sound secondary education for low income students and students with disabilities. Mitchener University Academy is a program designed with a primary focus to help students cope with developmental disabilities through therapeutic interventions, social skills training, being exposed to a productive and supportive environment, and taking a proactive approach to helping each individual student with reaching their individualized goals. Mitchener University Academy shall provide such education by giving all students an opportunity to learn, be expressive and creative, build a real-world outlook and ensure character, social skills and comprehension development is demonstrated in each student.

We will accomplish the mission by adopting the following principles:


Provide therapeutic treatment specifically for each diagnosis

Be patient with each student throughout the implementation process

Maintain a high level of customer service

Demonstrate professionalism at all times

Be respectful of the rights of each student

Keep student information confidential at all times

Work as a cohesive unit with staff and supporting school system

Desired Outcomes for services rendered:

Increase coping skills

Achievement through improvement in academic performance

Promoting symptom stability

Increase social skills

To demonstrate appropriate behavior at home, school and in the community



We rely on building the following characteristics within each student that make up our values of SUCCESS:


Self Esteem


We will encourage all students to respect themselves and tap into their personal value and be great.




We will help our students understand the importance of obtaining a higher education degree and how it will impact their future.




We will encourage each student to develop the skill set to build character through patience, perseverance and persistence.




We will teach our students to think outside of the box and let their creative senses take them to the next level of success.




We will empower our students to overcome their circumstances and be champions of change in their lives one day at a time.


Self- Reliance


We will show our students how to rely on their self-will and believe in themselves to achieve greater heights of accomplishment.




We will motivate our students to learn to be positive role models through academic performance and community involvement.

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